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The project “Cultural Mediators for the Postal Sector” (CULMED) addresses the ever growing need for social inclusion of third country nationals into the host countries societies, through the promotion and development of the cultural mediation institution into the Postal Sector.

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Project's Main Aims

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    Cultural Mediators into the Postal Sector

    The provision of specialised training to post employees, so at to become Cultural Mediators and the improvement of the delivery of their services in a multicultural social environment.
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    Promotion of Social Inclusion

    The promotion of social inclusion for immigrants and third country nationals, through their interaction with post employees, post organizations and the use of postal services in the host country/country of residence and in Europe.

Project's Structure & Duration

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    CULMED is structured around four (4) main Intellectual Outputs (IOs) and will include the implementation of three (3) Training programs and three (3) Multiplier Events in each of the participants’ partner countries.
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    The project duration is 24 months from 01/09/2018 until 31/08/2020.


“Cultural Mediators for the Postal Sector” (CULMED) aims at fostering and facilitating third country nationals’ integration into the host societies, through the acquisition of cultural mediation skills by post professionals and the adoption of an active and enhanced role of post organizations in the integration process.CULMED main objectives are:

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the quality of service delivery and access to postal services for immigrants and third country nationals.

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the crucial role of the postal sector in the process of social inclusion for immigrant populations.

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the visibility of postal services to immigrants and third country nationals.

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of post professionals as Cultural Mediators in an ever changing multicultural Europe.


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The project is co-funded by the European Union and the Erasmus+ program.

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